Teens: Meeting You Where You Are Now

Beacon offers a dynamic program for kids ages 12-18 Tuesday through Friday.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Beacon offers a variety of high interest classes from 9-3. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we typically have a smaller group of teens, who are in residence with the younger set, ages 9 and up.  These two quiet days provide an excellent opportunity for teens to work on projects, meet with tutors, study independently or take advantage of Beacon Community Classes.


Examples of Tuesday/Thursday classes offered 2016/17:

Chemistry                                          Writing Workshop

Sociology of the Twilight Zone            Essay Writing

Brain Cafe                                         Moralities of Everyday Life

Italian Language & Culture                 Math Labs and Tutorials

Yoga                                                 Ancient Civilizations

Plato's Euthyphro                              Current Events and Semiotics

Urban Archeology                             Philosophy and Language                             

Classes are not compulsory.  We give the students the opportunity to say "no" and make choices for themselves. We find that most members take many classes. With our flexible model, we guide our members to use Beacon in ways that meet their personal needs. 

Here are a few profiles of members:

1. Rosanna, 17, comes to Beacon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She was in traditional school up until 5th grade.  She is an accomplished musician and currently plays in several local orchestras during the school year and summers. She came to Beacon three years ago and finds the academic and social aspects of Beacon equally compelling. She attended two classes at Wesleyan last year.  This fall, Rosanna plans to  apply to very competitive colleges.

2.  Alex, 12, came out of middle school last year and was at Beacon four days a week. At school, he was getting labeled by administrators as a troublemaker and was being bullied. He said he was 'bored and miserable' in school where he did not like anyone, or enjoy learning. At Beacon, Alex was engaged in many classes, was highly verbal, happy, and had a great sense of humor. We never witnessed any 'bad' behavior. In fact, he is a sweet, kind and gentle young person. He loved the classes, made many friends and had time to delve into the things he enjoyed and found all kinds of new interests.  Alex told us he "had the best year of his life".

3. Sam, 16, has never been in traditional school and Beacon is one of his favorite places.  He loves learning, takes community college classes and comes to Beacon one day a week to take a few classes and see his friends.