Customized Academic Plan

Together we envision and map out a personal educational approach. Our focus is on each person's particular strengths, needs, and goals.  The academic plan, worked out in meetings with the family, is based on the member’s interests and strengths while also trying to fulfill the parents' needs. 

Personal Advisor

Relationship is at the core of the Beacon experience, and the Beacon advisor is an important mentor and guide who plays a key role for each member. Beacon advisors start by meeting individuals where they are and, through regular meetings, help them make meaningful connections between all of their interests, experiences, strengths, and imaginings. Beacon wants to inspire young people to be change-makers, flexible thinkers, questioning, curious and engaged. We believe it is important to live deeply, thoughtfully, confidently, and above all, to trust yourself to make choices about your own learning.

In concert with the advisor, each Beacon member builds a personal portfolio to produce a cohesive record of interests, projects, coursework, and other relevant activities. 

Beacon advisors help members schedule tutorials, pursue independent study, and access resources both at Beacon and in the community. 


The Beacon advisor is available to meet with parents as often as necessary to envision possibilities, review achievements, and address any questions or concerns. We have a small team but we are very involved and strive to develop a relationship with each Beacon member. We are here to help and support you, and want to be in contact on a regular basis.

Classes, Workshops, and Tutorials

Beacon offers classes, workshops, and tutorials between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday.

Our classes represent the interests and passions of our current collection of members and staff, and cover a range of topics. Most classes have fewer than 10 students. Take a look at the Beacon calendar for a glance at our current classes.

Beacon advisors are happy to assist members in arranging one-on-one, or small group study.  

We have a core teaching staff of long-term professionals and an extended staff composed of community volunteers and work-study students. 


Beacon is a respectful community and a wonderful place for young people to be.  The center provides a bright and welcoming space to be inspired, learn, interact, study, find quiet, think, and play.  An important aspect of the environment is the culture of acceptance and flexibility that sets the stage for individual comfort and support, nurturing healthy social interactions.