“Yes, you can quit traditional high school and everything will be okay”

If you have a teenager who doesn’t love high school, what’s the right thing to do—push harder, or try something new?

For more than a decade, Blake Boles, our good friend, public speaker, and author of "College Without High School", "Better Than College", and "The Art of Self-Directed Learning", has worked with happy, thriving teenagers who made the decision to quit traditional school—or never went to school in the first place. This fall, Blake is touring the U.S. giving a new talk entitled, “Yes, You Can Quit Traditional High School and Everything Will Be Okay.”  We are so excited he's going to make time to speak at Beacon on September 27, 2018 at 6pm.

Whether you’re skeptical about alternative education or you’re a seasoned educational rebel, this talk will inspire, inform, and entertain you with powerful stories of teenagers who have skipped high school and turned out just fine. If you are thinking of bringing your teen, or almost teen, this talk is appropriate for adults and teenagers. 

We at Beacon agree with Blake. Our former members have entered the workforce, taken a gap year, or entered colleges including Lawrence University, University of the People, Towson University, Ithaca College, Harvard University, Southern Connecticut State University, Hampshire College and others. 

Blake Boles speaks at Beacon Self-Directed Learning.

Blake Boles speaks at Beacon Self-Directed Learning.