Colorful Fundraiser

Tahrir Scarf is the world's first line of rainbow keffiyeh scarves, which was founded as a social enterprise in 2016 to support third gender centers in India. The keffieyeh, worn in Iran, Pakistan, and other areas of the Middle East, is seen by many as a symbol of international solidarity.

We are excited to be offering these scarves for purchase to support our efforts at Beacon. Rendered in all the colors of the rainbow this scarf feels like an homage to our diverse community of learners.

Brighten up the world with one of these beautiful scarves, while supporting two great causes. They make great holiday gifts, and can not only be worn as scarves, but work wonderfully as window or table coverings. We love them, and are sure you will too!

scarf models.jpg

For more information and pricing, please contact us at