Beacon Community Classes

Fall  2018

Beacon Community Classes (BCC) are offered in collaboration with some of the most passionate, inspired, and inspiring educators we know and love. Beacon encourages any youth who are interested to experience the joy of learning via these valuable resources and collaborations. These popular fee-based classes are open to the wider community -- no Beacon membership required. 



Experimental Screen Printing

This class has been cancelled. We hope to offer it again soon! There are more great classes being offered this term to choose from, so read on!

Explore the many ways to make a screen print. From T-shirts to Fine Art, find out how Andy Warhol brought this commercial art form into the world of galleries and museums.

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with Peggy Sawyer

Mondays 1-3pm from October 15-December 10. No class November 19

Flexing our more personal and interpretive muscles, we’re going to do our own books. Each will be an invitation to share all the myriad little worlds of ourselves. Stories, photos, poems, and drawings. Fact or fancy, anything goes.

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Architectural E


With Harper Keehn

Fridays 10-12 from October 19-December 13. No class November 23

Students work in the wood shop (and beyond) to create a sprawling architectural model of a vertical tree-house city. Each student will design and build a dwelling for a creature or person of their choosing, using wood and scavenged materials. Next, students will combine their houses into a dense, human-sized sculpture. We'll connect the houses with a system of roads, balconies, and bridges to create our own aerial community.

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Basic Rhetoric in Writing: Crafting Persuasive Essays

With Kyle Holton

Fridays 1:30-3 from October 19-December 13. No class November 23

Rhetoric is the art of effective communication. Rhetorical devices in writing are tools to make your prose memorable, persuasive, and coherent. These devices are analogous to the climber’s rope and harness, to the farmer’s plow and compost, to the construction worker’s hammer and saw, to the sailor’s sextant and rudder. Get the idea?

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All classes, unless otherwise noted, are suitable for ages 12+, and each class has a minimum and maximum number of required participants. Full or 50% fee payment is required at time of registration to hold your space in the class. Full payment is due on or before the first day of class.

Beacon Community Classes are available to Beacon members for reduced or waived fees. Restrictions apply.

Register here. For questions email, or call 203-747-8735.

Classes fill up quickly so, if interested, don’t delay!